About Us

Shwe Chan Thar Engineering & Construction CO.,Ltd (SCT) is one of the leading engineering services providers in Myanmar especially for Education industry.

SCT was established in 2006 and it is 100% Myanmar national owned company. We started with as the construction type company and most of the projects we concerned with Ministry of Electrical Power and Ministry of Transports for some civil works.
The involvement in Education by us was started in 2011 up to nowadays deeply for promoting the national education program by participating the annual tenders released from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology.
Having the strengths of promising engineering services and training skills. SCT is standing as one of the leading companies in the educational and teaching aids supplies in Myanmar.
We concern for every engineering field especially in Aeronautical Engineering. Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.
We can give the satisfactory engineering services in installation, overhauling, maintaining, replacing, manufacturing, instrumentations, repairing and trading of the engineering equipments and machines.
SCT assigns professionally trained engineers and staffs either by recruiting internally or externally adaptively upon the requirements of the projects to have the quality of services for our customers.
We arrange and organize the engineering team for each and every specific project.
We can be able to fabricate some import substitute quality machinery parts locally. The customer can accept high quality, reliable and flexible advantages at reasonable cost with our services for long term.
Our customers include Government Sectors, Government agencies, Industrial, Commercial entities, Private organization, Universities and Private Education Schools.
If the customer may face with difficulty in using their existing system, we can advice to upgrade with new technological services and devices.
SCT can help to reduce the customers' risks by our well trained expertise and technical know-how.